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Modern 2.5D shooter made by Digility - small indie team.

Key features

  • Oldshool mechanics

    Fast movement, bunny hops, simple interactions, explosive barrels and traps. No auto healing!

  • Classic weapons

    Just like in 90's - chainsaw, shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher etc.

  • Unique design

    2.5D graphics mixed with modern effects like normal mapping.

  • Boss fights.

    Meet special kind of enemies at the end of every episode.

  • Brutality

    Lots of blood and decapitations. Gore effects depends on weapons which player use.



Shootrage is heir to oldschool first person shooters from 90's. Purpose of this game is combining past and present: oldschool feeling combined with unique visual design. Game offers 2.5D graphics (enemies, power ups and barrels looking like sprites) combined with present day technologies like normal mapping.

Story and world

Action in game happens in future. Space pirates robber you and kidnapped your girlfriend. Your objective is rescue her and kick some butts. Game is divided into three parts (episodes), each in different location - cargo base (available in prototype), laboratories or pirates mothership.

Enemies and weapons

Shootrage offer various types of enemies: humans, robots, mutants and androids. Each with different specifics. You may kill them by classic arsenal: chainsaw, shotgun, pulse gun rocket rifle etc.


Game mechanics offer same eperience like most oldshcool shooters: fast moving, explosive barrels, interactions with buttons, avoiding traps like lava or lasers, break off limbs (not yet available) and collecting points.

Our team

Digility - we are small indie team: Daniel Średnicki, Paweł Drabowicz and Piotr Lewicki. We met in college and passion to making games joined us together. Shootrage is our first official production and we hope you like it. Two other person have big contribution to production: Jacek 'meffcio' Janaszko - our key music artist and Arkadiusz 'Arkadikuss' Woźniak - main character's voice.


Game teaser. HQ files available below. If you cannot play video try to open it in YT:  YouTube

Short gamelay. HQ files available below. If you cannot play video try to open it in YT:  YouTube

Simple clip from website background - HQ files available below. If you cannot play video try to open it in YT:  YouTube


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